GRANTS » Quarterly Grant Cycles and Formal Application Deadlines

            LOI Submission                                  Application Deadline                   Notification 

First quarter   Nov. 15 – Jan. 15                       Jan. 31                                          March

Second quarter  Feb.15 – April 15                   April 30                                        June

Third quarter  May 15 – July 15                       July 31                                          September

Fourth quarter  August 15 – Oct. 15               Oct. 31                                         December   

Please note:  While LOI’s must be received via the online application system during the LOI submission period noted above, we encourage you to submit early in the period to ensure sufficient time, if invited, to complete your Formal Application.

Final grant decisions are usually made within eight weeks of the Formal Application due date. Official notification of the Batchelor Foundation decision is then provided to the nonprofit via email. Although a nonprofit’s grant request may fall within one of the Batchelor Foundation’s funding priorities, due to finite resources, the Batchelor Foundation is unable to support every worthwhile project within any given fiscal year.

As of November 15, 2023, the Batchelor Foundation will only accept grant applications from nonprofits that we have funded in the past.  New nonprofit grant requests are by “invitation only”.  We will not accept unsolicited letters of intent .